Schelde Architecture is based in Aarhus (DK) and established in 2012 by architect Mette Schelde. The studio works across disciplines from residential architecture to interior design. In every project we strive to integrate materiality and sensuousness in the functions. We focus on the details in architecture and believe the bespoke interior design and furnishing are essential for the experience and how we use the space. Lighting, both the natural light and artificial light, are included in most of our projects, since we believe the light has a great impact on our homan body and our well-being. And that is what we want to; to breed wellbeing through the functional and physical architectural frames we create. It must be useful and meaningful both in order the users and for the enviroment. In every project we aim to use healthy, natural materials and recycling whenever possible. 


Architect Mette Schelde. Owner. 

With a degree from Aarhus School of Architecture Mette has worked within the field of housing architecture, furniture and lighting for more than 10 years. With an awareness of details, simplicity and good materials. Phone +45  26888004

Bremsagervej 8
DK - 8230 Aarhus

Phone / 0045 - 26888004
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